RefuahHealth Launches Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Program

A RefuahHealth Member received a monoclonal antibody infusion onsite at RefuahHealth’s Main Street location. Monoclonal antibody therapy is authorized for use in COVID-19 positive patients who are age 65+ or are high-risk of severe illness.

New Square, NY – RefuahHealth just launched a new program to make a groundbreaking treatment for COVID-19 called monoclonal antibody therapy available to eligible patients. Monoclonal antibody therapy was approved earlier in the year by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under an emergency use authorization. RefuahHealth joins the ranks of a pioneering group of federally qualified health centers working in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense to provide rapid access to this lifesaving treatment on an outpatient basis for select patients who test positive for COVID-19.

Monoclonal antibody therapy is authorized for use in COVID-19 positive patients who are age 65+ or have been diagnosed with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, or an immunosuppressive disease; have a BMI of 35 or more; or are currently receiving immunosuppressive therapy. The treatment is also indicated for patients 55+ who suffer from cardiovascular disease, COPD, chronic respiratory disease, or hypertension. The therapy may also be provided to pediatric patients ages 12-17 who have certain conditions that put them at risk for progressing to a severe case of COVID-19.

“By providing cutting-edge monoclonal antibody therapy to eligible RefuahHealth patients, we can help those most at risk of severe consequences from COVID-19 stay as healthy as possible,” said Chanie Sternberg, President/CEO. “Throughout the pandemic, RefuahHealth has been supporting the health of its community by delivering innovative, patient-centered care. Our convalescent plasma program captured valuable antibodies from those who have recovered from COVID-19, our new birthing center is keeping low-risk moms out of the hospital, and now this latest therapy is helping save the lives of some of our most vulnerable patients.”

Monoclonal antibody therapy has been shown to dramatically reduce hospitalization rates for high-risk populations. The treatment involves a patient pre-screening, one 2-hour visit to receive the infusion, and follow-up care via telehealth.

“To be most effective, infusions should be administered in the first 24 to 48 hours after an individual tests positive COVID-19. RefuahHealth has already developed a robust COVID-19 testing system with rapid turnaround times, so we are well-positioned to quickly identify patients who would benefit from monoclonal treatment and get them into treatment right away, often within hours of a positive diagnosis,” said Alexandra Khorover, Chief Strategy Officer. “We are already seeing the incredible benefit that this program is providing to our patients.”

From the outset of the pandemic, RefuahHealth has shifted its thinking and resources to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients and to protect the health and well-being of our community. An early leader in the community-based COVID-19 response, RefuahHealth is proud to be able to leverage this cutting-edge new therapy and find new ways to keep our community safe.