Patient Centered Medical Home

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), is a team based health care delivery model that provides evidence-based, comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with the goal of obtaining maximized health outcomes. It is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for children, youth and adults. The provision of medical homes may allow better access to health care, increase satisfaction with care, and improve health. Your PCMH team will be led by a physician, but will include others involved in your care, including yourself. By taking an active role in your health care and working closely with your PCMH team, we can ensure that you are receiving all the health care services you need.

What are the benefits of a PCMH?

We are available to you when you need us. By taking the time to listen to your concerns, and getting to know you and your history, we will be better equipped to answer all your health care questions and help you understand your condition(s), care and treatment. We will use electronic medical records and work with other medical specialists if necessary to better coordinate your health care needs. We will provide you with information regarding any other services we feel may help you learn more about your condition(s) or help with your treatment. Most of all, we will encourage you to play an active role in your own health care. Some great ways to do this are to:

  • Always ask questions about your health care, and tell your PCMH team if you don’t understand something or if you are not comfortable with the care you are receiving from them. Never be shy or hold back when it comes to your own health care needs.
  • Share with your PCMH team all the information necessary for them to provide the best care possible to you, including but not limited to, all the medications/ supplements you are currently taking and any other health care professionals who are involved in your care.
  • Follow the health care plan you and your PCMH team have agreed upon, including any prescribed medications, diet, exercise, follow up care, etc. If at any time you have questions regarding your care plan or for any reason you cannot follow the care plan, please notify a member of your PCMH team immediately.
  • Do your best to keep scheduled appointments. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, call as early as possible to cancel and reschedule.
  • Let us know if you do not receive test results within one week.
  • Contact us after hours if you feel your issue cannot wait until the next business day.

What makes this model so successful is the “patient centered” concept, so we need your help!

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