Behavioral Health

Fully integrated behavioral healthcare makes your experience seamless, better

RefuahHealth is committed to holistic care focused on the individual.  We recognize that mental health is paramount to your wellbeing–let us help you feel your best.  Our robust behavioral health department provides culturally-sensitive quality outpatient services for a wide range of conditions, including chronic and acute depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and many others.

Our approach

To improve quality of care and the experience of our members, RefuahHealth uses a patient-centered approach and has seamlessly integrated our behavioral health and primary-care departments.  Confidentiality and empathy are central to our philosophy of helping our members through challenging times.

Getting started is simple

As a rule, members can be referred by their primary care physician. An initial assessment is conducted, including a comprehensive personal and family history and, when appropriate, laboratory testing. Your provider team can then work together to create an individualized treatment plan suited to your needs.

Behavioral Health Providers