Bioreference recently vacated its facility co-located with Refuah Health Center. While we did not receive any advance notice of this change, we understand that it has caused challenges for people seeking care and want to help however we can. If you are a Refuah patient, please call (845) 354-9300 and we will work to ensure you get the care you need. If you are not a Refuah patient, please contact Bioreference’s Patient Support Group at 888-279-0967.


High-Quality, Convenient Onsite Services

RefuahHealth is pleased to offer an array of onsite radiology. Our Radiology Department works hand-in-hand with our expansive team of providers to deliver comprehensive diagnostics and patient convenience.

Walk-in X-ray services are available seven days a week for both children and adults with little to no wait time. Test results are available quickly, allowing Members and providers to formulate appropriate management plans without delay.