RefuahHealth Welcomes NYS Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, MD

SOUTH FALLSBURG, New York– RefuahHealth is pleased to kick-off the summer season with a visit from New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, MD. The Commissioner spoke at a measles prevention forum in South Fallsburg on July 1st, and then answered questions from the community’s rabbinical leaders. The positive exchange of questions and answers highlighted measles prevention measures and the commitment of local and state officials in stemming the outbreak. Topics included identification of symptoms and prevention protocols.

Attendees included 30 rabbinical leaders, New York State and Sullivan county officials, camp administrators, localHatzolah and other community members. Rabbis and camp administrators expressed gratitude for Commissioner Zucker’s deep understanding and concern with the community’s wellbeing as well as his efforts to build a trusted relationship between local leaders and the NYS Department of Health.

Commissioner Zucker recognized Refuah as an experienced leader in measles prevention and containment and highlighted the effective steps the organization is taking to keep patients safe during the summer months. The Commissioner toured Refuah’s South Fallsburg location and was specifically impressed by the site’s access control including a large entrance sign designed to prevent unnecessary exposure. RefuahHealth is grateful for the support of Dr. Zucker and looks forward to continued collaboration to strengthen the health of its patients and community.

RefuahHealth continues to lead the way in containing the Rockland County measles outbreak. Since early October 2018, when Refuah treated the first diagnosed patient, the organization has made great strides in protecting its patients and the community from unnecessary exposure. These efforts include distributing over 4,000 MMRs, launching a community awareness campaign, and implementing clinical procedures to combat the highly contagious disease.

During the summer months, Refuah will continue to provide the highest quality of care to all patients while minimizing exposure. Refuah is implementing proven strategies to protect individuals accessing care onsite or on one of Refuah’s mobile medical vans. Mobiles are staffed by experienced physicians well versed in measles prevention, and patients can expect the same high standard of care delivered in a safe environment.

Refuah looks forward to spreading health this summer season.